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Eric the Elephant 


My name is Eric the Elephant and I recently went on a trip to Coventry with a few new friends. The main person who took me sightseeing was a woman from Wales, so she fully understood what it felt like to arrive in a strange city not knowing where anything was. She said not to worry though, because elephants are important animals in Coventry. I think that makes me a celebrity!

Elephants appear everywhere on the Coat of Arms for the city, which I guess is like a logo or badge. Hundreds of years ago, the Coat of Arms was used as a way of other people from other cities being able to recognise things like letters from Coventry. Being an Elephant myself, I set myself a challenge of finding as many Elephant Coat of Arms as I could.

Our day out started with a trip to the Council House. I was feeling a bit anxious about meeting so many new people so I had a bit of a chat to some of the other animals who work in the office.

They told me that Coventry hosted a lot of sporting events as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Then I was introduced to the mascot from the Japan 2020 Olympic Games. We couldn’t say much because his English wasn’t great and I don’t know any Japanese, but I felt honoured to meet him! 

Next up we had a tea break with some other work colleagues…

… before moving onto other areas of the council house. I even met the Queen in the corridor! 

The welsh woman said it wasn’t the ‘real’ queen, just a portrait. Apparently she’s much older than that. But I got closer to meeting the Queen than Kenny the Koala did on his adventure, so I’m happy with that.

We looked around the Council House, including the Lord Mayor’s Chamber (where I met the Japanese mascot).

The Lord Mayor wasn’t there that day, but the people who worked in his office were friendly.

I tried a lot of ways to see if I could get his attention, but he must have been very busy. 

I was getting a bit too noisy (I’m an elephant- it’s hard to be quiet!) so we decided to leave and explore some of the city outside. 

Coventry is trying to become the City of Culture in 2021. I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, and the city loves elephants, so I’m backing the bid.

When we got outside we walked to War Memorial Park. Coventry was bombed a lot during the Second World War and the park is a good way to help remember the citizens of Coventry and all the soldiers who died in both World Wars. It’s a pretty peaceful space and the weather was really sunny.

I even climbed a tree!

More elephants:

I liked the different sculptures in the park, there were some interesting shapes.

After our walk, we headed back to historic coventry and visited St Mary’s Guildhall. This is a very grand hall where lots of important events took place in the past. You can tell it’s old because it has lots of stone and wooden beams. 

This suit of arms made me jump! 

Apparently you can even get married here! The welsh woman said she’s been invited to a wedding here next year. 

There was a cabinet with some gifts from others to the Ciry of Coventry. 

See the Elephant there? And there was another one in the hallway:

We sneaked into the Council Chamber and saw the seat where the Lord Mayor sits with the Council. I felt very important. 

I was feeling very hungry by now and the work day was over, so we walked home via Ikea and had Ikea meatballs and chips. I asked what the sauces were which came with it but no one seemed to know. 

After our tea, I went and helped with some live music. 

I had a great time on my adventure and would like to say thank you to the Welsh Woman, her colleague Carrie, and the staff at the Council House who made me really welcome on my visit. I think my favourite part was when I got to see where the Lord Mayor worked. And meeting all the Elephant coat of arms (obviously). I’m really looking forward to meeting some new people and seeing some new things on my next adventure!


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