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Lizzy the Lizard: Part 1


My name is Lizzy the Lizard, and I went to Cyprus on my recent adventure with the Nurse and the Maths Mind. I wasn’t technically invited to go with them, but the UK has been pretty cold at the moment and I really needed some sun, so when I heard they were going, I decided to sneak through their window and into their suitcase as a stowaway.




They didn’t realise until we got on the monorail at the airport, but they didn’t seem too bothered!


Fortunately, I remembered to bring my passport with me.


We checked the departure board and had a bit of time before our flight…


…so we managed to get a good breakfast beforehand.


I’ve never been on a plane before, so I was a little bit worried. The Nurse suggested we go downstairs and watch the planes taking off and landing to calm my nerves before getting our flight.


They’re huge, particularly as I’m a very small lizard! We started to board the plane, but there was a problem with the luggage so we got delayed. Some people were angry, but I wasn’t bothered because it was sunny, meaning I could lie in the sun and get my lizard blood warm.


We flew with a company called ‘Monarch’, so I thought we might get to see the Queen! But we didn’t 😦 I got my own seat by the window though.


There was a short safety announcement about what to do if the plane crashed, which made me feel nervous again!


But then a flight attendant started offering us drinks and snacks, so I got distracted by all the different choices. I tried to sneak extras, but she caught me!


When we landed, we had to wait for our bags…


…before being collected in a car from the airport by the Nurse’s family.


I have to admit, I was a bit scared about meeting them. The Nurse and the Maths Mind told me that one of them was a Dragon. Dragons are even bigger than Lizards, and kind of like our version of a King or Queen, so you have to be really respectful. Plus they can breathe fire! Except, it turned out that’s a nickname for her- she’s actually a woman and not a Dragon. Phew! She played hide and seek with me in their garden, along with the Nurse and the Maths Mind.


I wasn’t very good to start with, they found me too easily in this olive tree. I started getting the hang of it- can you see me in this fig tree?


If I hide in green things, it makes it hard to find me. Like in this orange tree:


or the lemon tree:


I was particularly proud of this one:


And this one:


Did you see me?! I’ll give you a clue- I’m in the green bit, but near the bottom. I’ve discovered that the Nurse *really* likes taking photos, because once we were done playing hide and seek, he made me pose with some flowers…


… and next to the swimming pool. Lizards don’t swim, but it was nice to do some lizard bathing (like sunbathing).


Considering how much we’d done in one day, the Dragon suggested we have some food.


This is called Pork Slovaki in a pitta bread. I’m not entirely sure what Slovaki is, but it tasted quite nice! Then I had some traditional Cypriot coffee, which was suuuuupppper strong!


It gave me so much energy that the Nurse said I had to go for a walk along the sea front to try and get rid of some of it- otherwise I wouldn’t ever go to sleep!


I really liked the sandy beach, it was good for lizard bathing.


I got a bit of a fright when I turned around and saw some lions! But they turned out to be friendly ones. I told them about my really strong coffee and they suggested having honey balls or cake for pudding next time instead.


We’d had a really busy day, but there was a bit more time for some hide and seek on the walk back to the Dragon’s house:




The Maths Mind got tired- he didn’t even notice when I snuck up on him!


I’ll write the second part of my adventure soon- it involves skeletons, more food and animals, trains and Easter! Bye for now!


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