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Oscar the Octopus


My name is Oscar the Octopus, and I was invited along on an adventure to Orlando, Florida with two boys, Harry and Toby, and their family. They didn’t tell me where we were going at first, they kept it a secret, but they said it was far away and very exciting!


We had to get up very early to go to the airport. It was so early, we didn’t manage to eat breakfast before we went, we had to eat it while we were waiting to board the plane.



I was really lucky because I was the first adventurer for Post Pals to travel internationally, which means I didn’t just leave the UK, I also left Europe as well! The plane was huge, because we were going so far away. Thankfully they had TV and music to listen to on the plane, otherwise we might have got bored.


I still didn’t have a clue where we were going until we landed a few hours later.


Then I got even more excited! Orlando is in Florida, and it’s the home of Disney World, Universal Studios, Pixar, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Wow! ‘This is it’, I thought, ‘this is my chance to star in a movie!‘ After all, Nemo, Dory and the Little Mermaid all live in the sea and have films about them, so why not an Oscar the Octopus film? I decided that the best way to be discovered was to do as much research as possible by visiting all of the theme parks, and making sure everyone knew who I was by the time we left. Harry and Toby agreed.

First up, we went to Universal Studios and had a look around at some of the cartoon characters involved in children’s films.

FullSizeRender 2

We tried to ask Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons for some tips, but he kept telling us that the best advice he could give us was always have doughnuts and coffee in lots of supply. It didn’t seem like very good advice to me, until we met our next characters….


….suddenly having doughnuts and coffee to distract the aliens and the dinosaurs seemed like a really good idea! Maybe he had a point after all…


The other common thing film stars seemed to have, besides lots of food, was fast cars…


… this one can even travel backwards and forwards in time!


Harry and Toby aren’t old enough to drive, and I can’t reach the pedals, so we decided that that might be a bit tricky for us. So we had to get creative with our transport options.


So we found a bus! This is a really cool bus because it features in Harry Potter. It can fit down any street, any road and go to anywhere you want it to, providing you have magic blood. If you’re a muggle (a non-wizarding person), it just looks like a big purple bus to you. But Harry, Toby and me could see the magic in it.

The adults in our family couldn’t see it, they mustn’t be very magical, so we found the Hogwarts Express which they could travel on. We checked with the guard and he said that muggles were allowed to go on it providing they didn’t try to do any magic.


We managed to see a bit of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade while we were there, but we couldn’t go inside properly because we had muggles with us- we didn’t want to give away all of its secrets!


Another big part of being a movie star, is making connections with your fans. So we went to a parade in Disney World so that we could watch how the characters interacted with everyone.



I even got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse! They’re big celebrities in the cartoon world because they were one of the first cartoons around!


Most of the characters waved and smiled. This crocodile poked his tongue out at me though! I think he must be a baddie…


This castle is really famous. It appears at the start of every Disney film because it’s Walt Disney’s logo.


You can pretty much see it everywhere in the park you go


And it lights up at nighttime and looks really pretty.


I could have spent a long time looking at the Disney Castle, but Harry and Toby said that movie stars needed to be careful not to get sucked into all the bright lights and glitz and glam and that it’s actually really hard work being an actor!

They decided that it might help me if they took me to see one of my idols- the Little Mermaid.


I was really excited because she’s obviously a big film star, but her Dad seemed a bit scary to me.


Thankfully he was in a good mood. He didn’t offer us any tips, but the Little Mermaid kept telling me that I needed legs if I wanted to be an actor. Just because she wanted to walk on land doesn’t mean I do!

We started heading towards Seaworld, but stopped off for a ride with some elephants first.


Seaworld was pretty cool, because I got to speak to some creatures who spoke the same language as me! This starfish said that unless you were a fish you didn’t get much of a role in films. I think he was a bit jealous of Dory and Nemo, since he was sharing a tank with lots of Nemo-like clown fish…


I met a shark in a different tank, but he wasn’t as scary as the film sharks. He seemed a bit offended that I wasn’t scared of him so I pretended I was just to make him feel better.


Harry and Toby said that maybe the star fish had a point, that there were a few sea creature films out already and maybe I should go for something completely different. We decided that since Disney had recently started doing Star Wars films, we should maybe work on an octopus in space film! So we headed to the Star Wars sets.


We weren’t sure if this was a weapon or a type of aircraft, or both, but either way, we weren’t very successful flying it!


We got told off by some Storm Troopers and got escorted outside. My octopus in space adventure film was pretty short lived…

Harry and Toby said we just weren’t looking in the right place, and we should maybe think bigger. Great idea- why be in a film about space, when I can actually go to space!? Obviously NASA and the Kennedy Space Centre was our next destination!


It was a huuuuuggggeeee place. And I mean, huge! Look how tiny I look!


There was lots of talk about the Atlantis Space Shuttle, which seemed really exciting. We asked if we could be on board when it got sent into space, and they said yes, providing we passed their hard training programme. No problem!


We went and had a bit of training to make sure we knew what all the equipment was on the shuttle.


Then we were allowed to see the shuttle and had a brief tour around where we would be staying when we went to space.


We passed the first sections with flying colours (obviously) and everyone was very excited about the prospect of the first octopus in space. Except we hit a snag. The final part of the training was being able to close the shuttle door. And we couldn’t manage it! I had too many tentacles that kept getting trapped and Harry and Toby weren’t tall enough!


They said that Harry and Toby would be able to try again in a few years, but they told me that unless I wanted to chop off my tentacles, I wouldn’t ever be able to be an astronaut.

Even though I didn’t manage to get myself a role in a feature film, or a place with the NASA programme, I still had an amazing time In Orlando, Florida. I think my favourite bit was when we were training on the space programme, but I also was really pleased to meet the Little Mermaid. Thank you very much to Toby and Harry for taking me on their adventure (and their family), and I’m really looking forward to my next adventures when I get back home!



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